Let the sustainability flow...

Caring for your PeaceYogaEco garments...

Your PeaceYogaEco garments are made from 73% Recycled Polyester (RecoTex™) and 27% Spandex.

RecoTex™ is a series of newly developed environmentally friendly fibers mostly made using recycled PET bottles. Specialized polymerization spinning technologies were then employed to produce high quality recycled PET fibers. Recycling of PET bottles can help slow global warming and save our planet by reducing environmental pollution, cutting back on fossil fuel and energy consumption, and decreasing CO2 emissions. PeaceYogaEco is a supporter of environmental protection. We hope that our products will help contribute towards the preservation of our planet.

Care Notes 

Always follow the care instructions on your beautiful item's interior label. When in doubt, wash PeaceYogaEco recycled fabric garments in cold water and tumble dry low.
Below you will find instructions for product care of your PeaceYogaEco garment. These instructions ensure the longevity of your newly purchased item.

  • Machine wash cold
  • Non-chlorine bleach
  • Line dry
  • Iron low
  • DO NOT dry clean

We hope that you will love them and keep them for a really long time.