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PeaceYoga Air Travel Mat
PeaceYoga Air Travel Mat
PeaceYoga Air Travel Mat
PeaceYoga Air Travel Mat

PeaceYoga Air Travel Mat

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Our Air PeaceYoga Travel Mat.

  • Vegan suede and natural rubber travel yoga mat.
  • The perfect travel companion for every yogi who wants to take their practice everywhere without compromising on the quality. Stylish, foldable with great elasticity and easy to carry everywhere.
  • Lightweight at 1.5 kg  
  • The microfiber suede layer makes it soft and fine in touch, sweat absorbent and breathable. It absorbs the water rapidly and as you sweat it increases the surface tension. The more you sweat, the stronger the grip and the anti-slip properties.

Care Notes

  • Our PeaceYoga Air travel mat is machine washable!
  • We recommend a gentle, cold water wash with a mild detergent. 
  • Wash as often as is necessary, being mindful that the more you machine wash the mat, the faster it may break down. However, we strongly advise to clean with a little soapy water and to dry it in the shade, so that you can prolong its life.


Dimensions: 183 x 68 cm, or 72 x 26 inches

Thickness: 1.5 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg